Remote Learning that Works

Using online streaming videos to eliminate the geographic and time limitations. Paired with our unique and unconventional method to provide personalized feedback. Enable this incredible knowledge to be further spread across every corners in the world.

Baji Shu Curriculum


Vincent Mei’s new Ba Ji Online remote learning is a triumph in disseminating his beloved system of Ba Ji Quan. He is a thorough instructor who focuses on drills and practical application, as well as power development in his art. In this time of pandemic, he makes available a platform for giving safe, detailed interactive instruction and corrections, plus drills and homework which allow you to develop and grow in the art. I highly recommend his course to anyone wanting to learn the nuances and fine points of this powerful martial art.

Grandmaster Robert Chu

As a fanatic of martial arts, I've studied a wide variety for close to 20 years including Arnis, Oyata Kempo Karate (3rd dan), Taekwondo (3rd dan), Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan. Unable to find an in-person class for Bajiquan, I searched Youtube for instructional videos and found Sifu Vincent Mei's videos--and when he announced a new virtual class session, I jumped on the opportunity. After a short period of practicing, I noticed that the drills I was taught and the details Sifu emphasized complemented my other studies. Sifu's methods are practical for the modern practitioner. The video homework submissions are a great way to ensure that you put in the work, and he devotes an impressive amount of time to review the details to provide extremely helpful feedback. Though virtual, Baji Shu and Sifu Vincent Mei will help you establish a strong foundation, and develop and refine your movements and techniques.

Hieu D.

I have been studying Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 20 years.  When the pandemic hit I wanted to do something different and stumbled onto the Wu Tan NJ online classes.  I was skeptical at first, but the individual feedback you get from regularly submitting homework allows you to make rapid progress.  In some ways it is even more efficient than in person only training.  Sifu Vincent has an excellent eye for details and a commitment to quality instruction.  I am sure that by using this platform you will be able to develop a solid foundation in Bajiquan.

Frank G.